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Are you ready to be Wide Awake? 

This Website and YouTube channel are all about spiritual practice.

Here you can learn about all different kinds of spiritual practices to help you feel more peaceful and calm, and also feel more alive and connected to each moment.

Shaking meditation - seated version
How to Make a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Charity!

How to Make a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Charity!

❤️How to Make a Facebook Birthday Fundraiser for Charity! ❤️ I did a fundraiser for the Fred Hollows Foundation for my birthday and it brought me so much joy that I wanted to share with others how easy it is to do. The fundraiser raised $765 which is enough money to restore eyesight to 30 people in developing countries and all the fuzzy feelings I got from it was the best birthday present I could have had. You can see the fundraiser I did here: Facebook has its issues but one thing I really like about Facebook is how easy it is to raise money for good causes. The fundraising platform on Facebook has been around for about 2 years. Its super easy to set up and 100% of donations made will go to charity. When people donate on Facebook in support of a charitable organization, Facebook covers all processing fees so whatever is dontated goes to charity. Note for personal fundraisers, fundraiser creators are charged payment processing fees and, in some countries, additional taxes when the money raised is distributed. Facebook marked the first anniversary of its birthday fundraisers last August by revealing that more than $300 million in donations have been raised through the feature. Id suggest setting it up about 2 weeks before your birthday – to give people time to donate before your birthday. Here is how to set one up: Go to: Select ‘Raise Money’ Select ‘Charity’ option Choose the charity you want- Id suggest already having a charity in mind that you feel connected with. If you are not sure you can scroll through on Facebook, but it does not provide any info on the charities. There are also a range of websites that rate different charities-- If in Australia ChangePath is a great website – you can choose what you are interested in and what state or country you want to donate too – and the website finds and rates charities for you Charity Watch also has a great list of top rated charities that have been evaluated using a number of criteria Once you select the charity that you want, Facebook takes you to the next screen. Update the name of your fundraiser to whatever you want (Id suggest including the words ‘Birthday Fundraiser’) Then select the amount you want to raise. If you are not sure Id suggest leaving it at the default $300 and you can increase it later if you get close to your target and there is still time remaining. Select the currency if you want to change it. Then finally select the date you want the fundraiser to end. Id suggest this should be your birthday – as it allows the fundraiser to climax on your birthday. Then Click ‘Create’ and you have done it! Facebook will then suggest you take some steps to promote your fundraiser like inviting friends, sharing on your timeline, and making a donation yourself, which are all good ways to help promote your fundraiser. Well done! You rock! Please Like and Share this post to help encourage more people to do this too 😊 🙏
5 MINUTES LEFT TO LIVE! Extreme Gratitude Meditation

5 MINUTES LEFT TO LIVE! Extreme Gratitude Meditation

How would you feel if you only had 5 minutes left to live? I often hear stories about people on their deathbeds who suddenly start appreciating everything on a really deep level. They start appreciating the little things really powerfully. They appreciate being alive in a body so much, they appreciate being able to see things so much. This got me thinking – I don’t want to wait until Im almost dead to start appreciating my life really deeply. I want to feel that way every day for the rest of my life. That’s why ive created this meditation. Now imagine you have just found out you have only 5 minutes left to live. How does that feel? Notice how every second suddenly becomes really precious. How are we going to spend our last 5 minutes? Lets do a meditation together to appreciate everything really really deeply. START WITH THE BODY – how amazing is it to have this amazing body that carries you around, the ability to feel sensations, the ability to move. SIGHT – how incredible is it to be able to see? Take a look around right now. So wonderful to see all the colors and textures around us. So precious. HEARING – what is the most beautiful sound you have heard? What can you hear right now? So amazing to be able to hear peoples voices and all the other sounds. SMELLS – remember all the beautiful smells you have experienced? How amazing is it to be able to smell all the wonderful fragrances of food and flowers and life. TOUCH – how incredible is it to be able to touch things, and be touched by others. What a wonderful thing to be able to do. THE ABILITY TO FEEL LOVE – Wow how totally amazing is it to be able to feel love, and share it with others. Remember all the love you have felt from others, and feel the love you have to share right now. FEEL GRATITUDE FOR YOUR WHOLE LIFE – remember all the people and places that have touched you in some way. Remember all the things you have had and experienced, and all the beautiful things in your life right now. Wonderful!! Now the great news is ----- you have more than 5 minutes left to live!! Congratulations!!! You are so lucky to have lots more precious moments to live. Remember that sense of extreme gratitude and take it with you each moment!!! SHARE VIDEO to help spread the extreme gratitude 😊

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