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Welcome to the Peaceful Place!

The Peaceful Place book is a simple guide to finding peace within yourself, and bringing a peaceful way of being into all aspects of your daily life.

May the peace you discover flow on to all beings everywhere.


“Set out in useful, easily readable sections and you can put it into practice all along the way... Shanti is a wonderful and knowledgeable guide for your journey.” 


—  Rod Williams, Australia

Do you struggle with stress or anxiety? Do you feel you need a little more peace in your life?


The book offers an AMAZINGLY simple guide to finding inner peace, using a step by step approach to suit any level of experience with meditation and spirituality. Perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners alike.


Learning the simple steps to find the Peaceful Place can greatly relieve the stress and anxiety of everyday life, and also helps wake us up to experiencing more joy and aliveness each moment. The book is packed with amazing insights and proven techniques to help you feel more peaceful all day long.


You can read it on your phone, tablet or PC with the free Kindle App. Paperback version now also available with shipping to most countries.

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Peace Comes

When Where We Long to Be

Is Right Where We Are

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